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March 2023 Edition

Pediatric Rehabilitation Advice Line Launched

Parents and caregivers of infants, children and youth can now call the pediatric rehabilitation line to discuss any concerns they have about their child's development. This would include movement, communication, taking care of self (e.g. toileting, sleeping), managing emotions, difficulty eating or swallowing, and hearing. The line can also be used to find rehabilitation services. The service is staffed by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and therapy assistants Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. Call 1-833-379-0563 or 811.

In addition to this new resource, AHS offers free webinars for parents, caregivers, and those who work with children birth to 18 years to learn about child and youth development needs.

The ACH Family Advisory Council and the Child and Youth Advisory Council provided input into the development of these services.

Check out the Pediatric Rehabilitation Caregiver Connection Website for more information.

Mental Health Centre Now Open

The Summit: Marian and Jim Sinneave Centre for Youth Resilience opened its doors on March 13th. The Centre provides mental health support for young people up to the age of 18 with the aim of helping them address issues as soon as possible.

Owerko Family Walk In Services offers no-cost therapy sessions for children, youth and families who need help with specific issues and possible solutions. These services are available from 10am to 10pm, seven days a week.

Tallman Family Treatment Services helps young people manage acute escalating symptoms to help prevent or reduce the need for hospitalization.

The Ptarmigan Day Hospital is a pediatric mental help day hospital, helping youth transition from inpatient care to 8-10 hours of daily intensive therapy in a community setting.

Family Safety Advisory Council Begins

March 2nd was the first meeting of the new Family Advisory Safety Council. This Council is focused on providing a patient and family perspective for the Safety Together initiatives and other hospital safety projects. 16 members and perspective members attended the first meeting along with ACH staff associated with this work. Together they learned more about safety in the hospital setting and did their first consultation about medication brought from home.

New members are welcome to join this this Council. We are looking for youth and family members who have experience with emergency, inpatient or medical day treatment at ACH.

Email for more information.

Accessing health records on MyAHS Connect

MyAHS Connect is a secure, online, interactive tool, provided by Alberta Health Services that gives patients over the age of 14 and proxies access to healthcare information that is stored in Connect Care. This information includes lab and DI results, immunization records, some healthcare professional notes, after visit summaries, upcoming appointments, and messages from clinics. Click here for more information.

Proxy access is available to parent and guardians of children ages 0-12 and of youth, ages 12-17, if they have special health care needs.

Parents and guardians should speak to a healthcare professional at the Alberta Children's Hospital to get proxy access. Youth ages 14 and up can set up their own account online.

Any regulated healthcare professional can grant, remove, or deny proxy access. Healthcare professionals can access more information on this process on Insite.

Learning Opportunities

AIW for Everyone is an hour-long course to help you become familiar with the AHS Improvement Way (AIW) - the quality improvement process used by AHS. This online course is available April 5, May 3, or June 7th from 9-10am. AHS staff can sign up through MyLearningLink. Advisors can contact to get signed up.

Check out the recordings of the Children's Healthcare Canada webinars. Recent webinars include Keeping Kids on the Radar: Key Messages on Child Health Prioritization and Delivering High Quality Care in Pediatric Research through Patient and Family Engagement.

You can view the Trauma and Resiliency Information Practice in Action webinar presentation along with resources on the Healthcare Excellence Canada website.