Gifts in Kind

Donations of toys, books, crafts and other types of items to the Alberta Children's Hospital are common, and these are referred to as gifts-in-kind. These donations could be from a child wanting to share good fortune with another child; for example, a child may wish to give new, unopened birthday presents he or she received to the hospital. Other times, a former patient or a family member may wish to express gratitude for the care that was received, and want to give back. This may take the form of individuals or families making a donation, or it may be a school, organization or business that collects items on a larger scale (e.g. toy drive).

Donations are needed for children newborn to 17 years old.

Please follow the following rules for Gift in Kind donations:

  • Only new toys and books are accepted due to infection prevention and control here at the hospital.
  • All toys and books must be free of corporate branding.
  • Gently-used DVD movies and computer games/video game console equipment (e.g. Xbox 360) are occasionally accepted as per need, storage, etc.
  • Depending on circumstances (e.g. pandemic concerns, such as the H1N1 outbreak), it may become necessary to decline all gently-used items in order to maintain infection control.

For more information on donating toys or for the gift in kind wish list, please contact the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation office at 403-955-8818 or at .