Youth to Adult Healthcare Transition

At Alberta Children's Hospital, we say goodbye to hundreds of youth each year as they turn 18 and transition to adult medical care. If you're entering your teens, it won't be long before you're following in their footsteps. Are you ready?

The Well on Your Way website at ahs.ca/y2a is designed for youth 12 and up. It offers tips on taking charge of your own healthcare, and highlights supports and resources available.

Events and Education

Workshops, educational sessions and events for both youth and parents.

Resources and Links

These resources have been gathered to help you on your way. Remember to bookmark the ones that you would like to visit again.

Well on Your Way

Helping Youth Transition to Adult Healthcare. For more information vist ahs.ca/y2a

Getting Started Youth Parents Healthcare Professionals
Check out these videos about transitioning from pediatric to adult care.

Play-Button Medical Transition Videos

Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska