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May 2022 Edition

Alberta Children's Hospital turns 100!

The doors of the first Alberta Children's Hospital opened on May 19 1922. It was known as the Junior Red Cross Hospital. It primarily served as an orthopedic hospital to care for children with polio. The hospital had 35 beds and the physicians were volunteers.

Patient and Family Centred Care practices were different in those early days. Children had long extended stays as they recovered from polio but visitor hours only happened once a week and the only visitors allowed were parents! Very different from our current practices of having a caregiver with an inpatient child, 24/7. 

If you have a story of how PFCC practices have changed over the years, please share it with us!

What Matters to You? - June 9th (And Everyday!) 

June 9th is What Matters to You? Day. This day is a worldwide movement encouraging meaningful conversation between patients, families, and healthcare providers. 

Healthcare providers are encouraged to find out what matters to patients and families. You could ask:

  • What's most important to you at the moment?
  • What can I do to best support your care today?

Patient and family member are encouraged to share what matters to you:

  • These are the goals that are most important to me.
  • I'm hoping you can answer these questions today.

Take the time to explore "What Matters to You?" on June 9th! (and everyday!)

Click here for more information and resources. 

PFCC Grand Rounds - Pieces of Compassion

Calgary Zone Patient and Family Centred Care is hosting a multidisciplinary, interactive discussion about compassion on June 7th:

  • Why is compassion essential for healthcare providers and patients?
  • How can we practice compassion, regardless of our roles in healthcare?
  • What about compassion fatigue?

Register to receive the Zoom link or if you'd like to receive the recording after the session.

It's Coming! Connect Care

ACH teams have been attending trainings and working hard for the go live date for Connect Care. May 28th is launch day!

Connect Care will give healthcare providers at AHS and its partners a central access point for more complete, up-to-date patient information and best practices. Patients will have better access to their own information, and it will be easier for healthcare providers to communicate with patients and each other.

Stay tuned for more information in our next month's newsletter