Child & YoutH Interactive Media Program

The Child & YoutH Interactive Media Program (CHIMP) uses computers and other digital media to support the care of children and families at the Alberta Children's Hospital. We use digital media and technology to support social and physical activities, and for therapeutic purposes.

Through the program, families can access technology to gather child health information, engage in recreational and social activities, connect with family and friends, school, and even work.

WiFi for Patients and Families

We encourage you to bring your own laptop, tablet, or phone, and connect to our Wi-Fi network. Refer to WiFi for Patients and Families for information on - How to connect, Helpful information, and Warnings

Family Access Computers

*CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE* - There are family access computers scattered throughout the hospital. To learn more, you can visit the Family and Community Resource Centre (FCRC), on the 2nd floor of the Alberta Children's Hospital. Refer to Family Access Computers for information on - Locations, Policies, Usage

Laptop Lending Program

Patients and their caregivers staying at the hospital can borrow a laptop through our laptop lending program. Refer to Laptop Lending Program for information on - Who can have one? Who do I ask?, Our Policies, Usage

In-Patient Room Media Systems

The in-patient rooms at the Alberta Children's Hospital are setup with older video game consoles because they are compatible with our hospital grade TVs.

We do have a few mobile carts available with newer consoles, but they are in limited supply.

  • The User Guide for In-Patient Room Media Systems provides information to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues.
  • If you need further help, please speak with staff on your unit for assistance, or to be connected to the CHIMP program.
    • Bring Your Own Game Console

      You are welcome to bring in your own gaming console, but be aware that our network limitations apply to these devices. Speak with one of the child life specialists, or another staff on your unit to connect you with the CHIMP program to help you get it set up.

      Additional Resources

    • Online Safety and Cyber Bullying, RCMP, Government of Alberta
    • Growing Up Online:
    • Media

    For more information about the Child & YoutH Interactive Media Program please feel free to contact us by phone: 403-955-2252 or email: