About Us

The Family and Community Resource Centre at the Alberta Children's Hospital provides a place to find information, support and resources for your children / youth who are patients, and their families and care providers.

Our Vision

Patients, families, healthcare providers, and community members have access to reliable and comprehensive information, resources and supports related to children's health and well-being.

Our Mission

To help build child & youth, parent and community ability to attend to child health issues and the impact these create by:

  • Creating a comfortable and friendly place at the Alberta Children's Hospital, for families, healthcare professionals and community members to access credible health information, community resources and individualized supports.
  • Connecting with other health or information related services across the province.
  • Supporting innovative ways of delivering information, services and supports.

Our Values

We are committed to:

  • Responding to personalized needs of families, healthcare professionals and community members in relation to child and youth health.
  • Sharing credible consumer and academic health information and resource information so families can make informed decisions and advocate for their child's care.
  • Providing age and developmentally appropriate information, resources and support to children and youth.
  • Offering information in a variety of formats, and ranging from basic to complex.
  • Promoting and training and supporting parents as resources for other parents and healthcare professionals.
  • Sharing information and resources across AHS and with other services and systems.
  • Encouraging and supporting partnership and collaboration between and with families and professionals; engaging them in the work of the FCRC.
  • Treating ourselves and others with dignity and respect.
  • Being transparent about and accountable for all aspects of our programs and services including measure of our performance and outcomes related to our services.
  • Meeting the needs of diverse populations.
  • Respecting the privacy of users.
  • The safety of our teams, patients, families and community partners in relation to the services we develop, lead or support.