Therapeutic Clown Program

Sparkle the Therapeutic Clown

SPARKLE shares laughter, joy, compassion, and wonder with the children, youth, families and staff at the Alberta Children's Hospital through her playful interactions.

Through child-directed play and humour, the Therapeutic Clown assists children and their families to minimize stress, deflect fear, and provide comfort and support in sometimes scary and intimidating health care experiences. Distraction strategies help patients cope with medical procedures and treatments. In addition, she provides social and emotional support to everyone involved in the patient's care.

Therapeutic Clowns empower the child by offering choices, building ongoing playful, loving relationships, and delightful play routines which offer respite from the unfamiliar hospital environment. Humorous interactions often help relieve stress and may open the doors to a wider perspective on a difficult situation; including supporting a patient and family through the palliative process.

Laughter and playful interaction reminds everyone that patients are children first and have the right to play. Playful interactions are empowering and therapeutic for the spirit, allowing children and their families to better cope with hospitalization and treatment.

To inquire about meeting with SPARKLE the Therapeutic Clown, visit the Family & Community Resource Centre on the second floor of the hospital, call 403-955-7629, or email .

Therapeutic Clown service at Alberta Children's Hospital is made possible by generous donations from the community to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation, in support of Patient & Family Centred Care.