For Parents

CAYAC is an opportunity for youth to gain independence and develop leadership skills. CAYAC members are expected to be actively involved and take responsibility for their participation in the group, from responding to their own emails to taking on new roles in the meetings as their confidence and skills grow.

What is the role of the CAYAC group?

CAYAC consults with child health programs and services to help improve the quality of healthcare for children and youth. CAYAC members are not directly involved with patients at the Alberta Children's Hospital. For more information, see our Terms of Reference.

Is there adult supervision?

An adult Coordinator is available to provide support and encouragement to all CAYAC members. These Coordinators attend all of the Saturday meetings. There will also be adult supervision anytime CAYAC members participate in small group consultations, meetings, or conferences.

What if my son/daughter is interested in joining?

Youth interested in becoming a CAYAC member who fit the recruitment criteria are asked to submit an Application Form. See Joining CAYAC for further details. If selected, a signed Parent Consent Form will be required. This form confirms that you are in agreement with your son/daughter volunteering with CAYAC and that you understand the responsibilities and commitments required of him/her.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information, please contact us at or 403-955-2456.

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