Wireless Access

At the Alberta Children's Hospital, we want both patients and families to stay connected during their stay. Of course, being the Child & YoutH Interactive Media Program, we do this by offering free Wireless Access. Our network is called healthspot, and everyone is welcome to connect to it.

How to connect

There are two things you need in order to connect to our wireless network here at the hospital. The first is the name of the network, which is healthspot. The other thing you need is an internet browser, any one will do, but without one you won't be able to log in.

Once you have these two pieces you are ready to connect to our Wi-Fi. To connect to the network, scan/view avalible networks and select healthspot. If you are using one of our Family Access Computers, or a laptop we lent you, this step will have already been done for you.

Once connected, and your device is showing that you have a signal, open up your favourite browser, if it wasn't automaticlly opened, and try to go to a website that is not using a secure connection, such as http://ahs.ca. If you are connected to healthspot you will be redirected to the Acceptable Use Policy page, which you are asked read over. Once you have read and accepted the policy you will be connected to the network.

Helpful Information

If you have any problems connecting to the healtspot network, don't worry you are not alone. If you need help don't hesitate to visit us in the Family & Community Resource Centre, or contact us by phone, 403-955-2252.

If you can't connect to the healthspot network there are a couple of things that you can do that might fix the problem:

  • Ensure that your wireless device is on. Some laptops have external switches that can get turned off by accident. There is usually a indicator, such as a green light, that will tell you if the wireless is active or not.
  • Make sure that the wireless device is enabled. The wireless device can also be disabled through your operating system. If your computer can't detect any wireless networks it might be because the wireless device has been disabled. If you are trying to connect on a smartphone you might be in 'airplane mode'.
  • The name of the network is healthspot, all lowercase and one word. Double check that the network name is correct.
  • The network is open and does not use authentication such as WPA. Depending on your device you may have had the opportunity to manually input this option, double check that Network Authentication is set to Open, or None.


  • It is a browser based login. Even if you don't plan on surfing the web, you will still need to connected through a web browser. It can be easy to forget this, so if you are having problems with another program, open your browser and double check that you can access the internet.
  • You will be logged out if you aren't using the network. If you aren't using any programs that require an internet connection, such as a web browser, email, instant messenger, or online game, you will be logged out after a period of time. Just remember that you need to use a browser in order to reconnect.
  • We only have a limited amount of connections. With the growing number of portable wireless devices patients, families, and staff, are bringing into the hospital everyday, healthspot can sometimes fill up and slow down. This mostly occurs on weekday afternoons, so we apologize in advance if your connection slows down during this time.
  • There are port restrictions on healthspot. If all you are using the network for is web browsing, or instant messaging, this shouldn't affect you at all. However, if you are using a more speciallized program you may run into problems if you need to use more exotic ports, unfortunatly you may be out of luck.