WiFi for Patients and Families

The CHIMP program only provides support to patients and families onsite at the Alberta Children's Hospital. If you are at another AHS facility, please speak to staff at that site for assistance.

At the Alberta Children's Hospital, we want patients and families to stay connected during their stay. You are welcome to connect your devices (cellphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) to the Alberta Health Services (AHS) free public WiFi network called healthspot.

Connect Your Device

To connect to the WiFi network you need an internet browser installed on your device.

From your device settings, scan/view for available networks and select healthspot. If you are using one of our Family Access Computers or laptops, this step is done for you.

Once connected, a webpage should automatically open and redirect you to the AHS Acceptable Use Policy page. If the page doesn't automatically open, open your browser and type in the address to a website that is not using a secure connection, such as fcrc.ahs.ca. This should redirect you to the AHS Acceptable Use Policy page.

Once you have read and accepted the policy you will be connected to healthspot

Common Problems

If you have problems connecting during your visit at the Alberta Children's Hospital and need help, you can visit us in the Family & Community Resource Centre on the 2nd floor, or ask a volunteer for assistance, or ask staff to contact the CHIMP program.

The CHIMP program only offers support to patients and families at the Alberta Children's Hospital. If you are at a different AHS facility, please speak to a staff member at that site.

If you can't connect to the healthspot network there are a few things you can try:

  • Forget the WiFi network and restart your device, and reconnect.
  • Select a different network even if it requires a password, and then try reconnecting to healthspot.
  • Try a different web browser.
  • Ensure that your wireless switch is on. Some laptops have external switches that can be accidently turned off. Normally there is an indicator, such as a green light, that shows if the wireless is active or not.
  • Check the wireless device is enabled. The wireless device can also be disabled through your operating system. If your computer can't detect a wireless network it might be because the wireless device has been disabled. If you are trying to connect on a smartphone you might be in 'airplane mode'.
  • Check the network name is spelled correctly. The name of the network is healthspot, one word and all lowercase.
  • Check that Network Authentication is set to Open, or None. The network is open and doesn't use authentication such as WPA. Depending on your device you may have had the opportunity to manually input this option.


  • It is a browser based login. Even if you don't plan on surfing the web, other programs/apps on your device may need internet access. If you are having problems with a program/app, open your browser and check that you can access the internet.
  • The connection may time out. If you aren't using any programs that require an internet connection, such as a web browser, email, messenger, or online game, you will be logged out after a period of time. You will need to use your web browser to reconnect.
  • There are limited available connections. With the growing number of portable wireless devices patients, families, and staff are using at the hospital, the healthspot WiFi network can sometimes slow down. This occurs mostly on weekday afternoons.
  • There are port restrictions. Alberta Health Services may block some online activity.