Bring Your Own Device

Laptops & Tablets

We live in a connected world, where even your washing machine can have an internet connection. At the Alberta Children's Hospital we understand that, and want to make it as easy to maintain that connection while you are here. The best way to accomplish this, if you can, is to bring your own device when you come (please leave your washing machine at home).

If your device needs an internet connection, we have our own wireless network called healthspot. You can check out our wireless section on how to connect to the network, or you can visit the Family & Community Resource Centre on the second floor for more information. If your device has a cellular connection you are more than welcome to continue to use that while at the hospital, however due to the size of the building you may have difficulty getting a signal if you aren't near a window.

If you are unable to bring your laptop, that's okay, we have a couple of options for you. The first is our family access computers which are scattered around the hospital which you are free to use. The other option is we can lend you a laptop.

Video Games

For the gamers out there, most rooms within the hospital have some kind of console system (Xbox 360, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS4), some rooms may even have two, or there might be a mobile cart available with your console of choice. Even with all this choice you can bring your own console in with you if you'd like. Most rooms will have a RCA switch-box that will allow you to connect multiple devices to your TV, but you will be hard-pressed to find a TV with an HDMI connection.

One unfortunate thing about our wireless network is that it has a browser-based login, which means that the only console that can get connected is the PS3. Xbox 360 and Wii both have optional browsers, but the way the connection works on them makes it impossible to connect to our network. Both consoles need a working connection in order to pass connection tests before you can use the browser, but our network needs a browser to login before you can connect to the internet. If you are really clever you can connect an Xbox 360 to a laptop with a shared connection using a cross-over Ethernet cable.

Of course the best thing to bring is a portable gaming device, because, well they're portable. Although our network limitations still apply to these devices.