Laptop Lending

Rules & Regulations

  1. You must be 13 years old, or older. Unless parents will be here constantly supervising, we won't lend a laptop top patients under the age of 13. Younger patients can still be visited by our volunteers who can provide supervised computer time.
  2. We can't visit patients under Airborne or Modified isolations. We would like to be able to provide service to these patients, but due to the nature of our equipment and the isolations, we can not effectively clean the laptop to use with another patient.
  3. You must follow the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.
  4. You can keep the computer until you are done with it, discharged, or until we need it back. In most cases we won't need to take it back before you are done with it, but occasionally we lend out all our laptops and may need to lend yours to someone else.
  5. When you are done with it leave it with your respective Unit Clerk. Ensure both the power supply and the mouse are unplugged and packed in the bag with the laptop, and that the laptop is turned off and placed in the padded compartment of the bag.
  6. No Food or Drink. Liquid and crumbs don't play well with electronics, so please keep them away from our laptops. This includes other messy activities like arts and crafts.
  7. Please respect our laptop, and treat it as if its the last computer on Earth. All our computers are from donations, so it can be difficult replace computers when they are damaged, lost, or stolen.

Can I have one?

There are a limited number of laptops. Unfortunately what this means that not everyone who needs/wants one will be able to get one. Our limited supply means we have a few guidelines about lending laptops.

  1. Some activities are more important than others. Patients with school work or therapeutic needs will get a laptop before patients using the laptop for games and general Internet browsing.
  2. Some patients have a greater need than others. Patients in isolation, or otherwise unable to leave their room will likely get a laptop before patients who are able to leave their room.
  3. Patients before parents. Similar to the last rule, parents are usually able to leave the room, and can use the Family Access computers on their unit, or in the Family & Community Resource Centre.
  4. Parents can get a laptop. We realize the importance of being able to stay by the bedside while you are here, so when our supply allows it, we also lend laptops to parents.

Who do I ask?

We work through a referral system, where Child Life Staff, Unit Clerks, Nurses, or Doctors, will let us know if you could benefit from having a laptop. Chances are if you need one someone has recognized your need already and has put in a request for you. Even if this is the case it never hurts to ask anyway. Once we get your request, depending upon availability, we will send a Volunteer down with a laptop to help get you set up.


We have set up our computers to be as open as possible to allow you the freedom to use the computer how you see fit. We have multiple programs installed that should allow you to achieve this goal. If we don't have the program you need, feel free to install it. You can uninstall a game or something if you need room. One warning about installing programs, if they require you to restart the computer you will lose all changes you have made due to Deepfreeze.