In-patient Media Systems


Use the bedside remote to change channels on your TV.

DVD / Video Gaming Systems

Your TV only has one input for video devices to connect to. An AV switch box has been added so multiple video devices (such as DVD, Wii, XBOX, PS) can connect to your TV. If you want to use the DVD player, or a video game system, you have to press the matching AV switch button.

To watch a DVD, or play a video game on the TV

  1. Use the bedside TV remote control to change the channel to AUX (two clicks below channel 2).
  2. On the AV switch box (located on the shelf below the TV), press the corresponding button (e.g., to watch a DVD, press the button labeled DVD on the switch box).
  3. NOTE: Make sure the DVD player or video game system has been turned on. For video game systems, power up (batteries or cable) and sync the controller.


If further assistance is needed, please ask the staff on your unit for help, or for them to contact the CHIMP program.

User Guide for In-Patient Room Media Systems provides information to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues.

For information about connecting to our WiFi network, refer to the WiFi for Patients and Families section.