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Currently Open Advisor Positions

If you are interested in anyone of these engagement opportunities email us at or phone 403-955-2456.

The following Committees/Projects are looking for Advisors:

Alberta Children’s Hospital (ACH) Eating, Feeding, Swallowing Development and Evaluation Project

The ACH is committed to advancing the care we provide to our patients and their families, improving the patient and family experience, and achieving the best possible health outcomes.

Recognizing increased need in the area of eating, feeding, swallowing care for many of our patients and families, the ACH is carrying out site-wide efforts to better understand how our patients and their families are provided eating, feeding, swallowing (EFS) services and/or supports at the ACH, as well as understanding their experience of this care. These learnings can then inform improvements to EFS care that are patient-centered, equitable, safe, and of the highest quality.

Advisor Information:

We are interested in speaking with patients and/or patient families who use or have used any EFS service or support at the ACH who would like to provide input, insight and/or feedback regarding these services or supports and/or their experience of this care at ACH.

Participants can choose to meet with Jennifer in person at ACH or remotely through Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

To participate in this project by sharing your perspectives and/or experiences related to EFS at ACH, or to find our more, please email