Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are mental illnesses causing serious disturbances in eating behaviours. Below you will find resources to help you better understand this topic.

Community Partners

You can contact the partners below to get more information and assistance.

  • ACCESS Mental Health

    Clinicians work over the telephone to help people navigate the addiction and mental health system. They are familiar with both Alberta Health Services and community based programs and will explore options and direct/refer clients to the most appropriate resource to meet their needs. Access Mental Health is a non-urgent service.

    Phone: 403-943-1500 (extension 1 for child and adolescent services)

Web Content

Book Lists

These resources are available to borrow in the Family Library. You can also check with your local library to see if they are available.

You can download, print, and share this PDF, or our Destiny Collection List.

Parents/Support Persons who have a Child With an Eating Disorder

Understanding and Coping With Eating Disorders


Thank you to our friends at the Calgary Eating Disorder Program for their contributions.

Current as of: Aug 24 2023

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