An information prescription is a list of recommended resources on a health topic or chronic illness. Staff and community partners who have expertise in the clinical area have carefully chosen these consumer-friendly resources.

The topic is first briefly explained before listing the resources below. The resources are intended to support the general information provided by AHS to help patients and their families better understand the health topic.

Web Content

Alberta Health Services Information

Links to information produced by Alberta Health Services/MyHealth Alberta are listed first. As necessary, the website will be described or have relevant sections highlighted.

Local Supports

If there are local support groups or contact information for departments in different zones the information is provided here.

Other Useful Links

If there are any other non-AHS web resources that clinics use for families they are listed here. If there are topics that other stakeholders feel need to be address appropriate links are also provided here. Depending on the volume of resources, different subheadings will be created as needed to ensure clarity and that the page can be easily navigated. This may be done topically or by audience (for example, Kids, Teens, or Parents). All links are vetted by the contributing clinic for accuracy.

Book List

Books or DVDs that have been vetted by the clinic about the health topic are listed here. There will also be a link to a pdf handout listing the just books and DVDs. This handout lists the information prescription page before the list of books/DVDs. It is distributed by the contributing clinic(s) and in the FCRC Library.

View the Asthma Prescription as an example.


The clinics/organizations that collaborated on the Information Prescription are listed here. Their website/contact information will also be linked here.

This material is designed for information purposes only. It should not be used in place of medical advice, instruction and/or treatment. If you have specific questions, please contact your doctor or appropriate health care professional.
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