Substance Use and Abuse

Individuals suffering from substance abuse have a pattern of repeated usage despite knowing the physical, social, mental, family, and/or occupational problems which result from using such substances.

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  • Drug Free Kids Canada

    The Partnership for a Drug Free Canada educates everyone from children to grandparents about drugs and their effects. They provide tools to help parents navigate the conversation about prescription drugs, street drugs, and other substances. The PDFC also has various media campaigns to educate the public.

Information for Teens and Young Adults


Book List

These resources are available to borrow at the Family & Community Resource Centre. You can also check with your local library or with The Alberta Library for the availability of these resources.

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  • What's Wrong with My Kid?: When Drugs or Alcohol Might Be a Problem and What to Do About It

    George E. Leary Jr. (2012)

    Weaving professional and personal experience, the author helps parents and families learn how to help teens conquer the effects of substance abuse.

  • How to Raise a Drug-Free Kid: The Straight Dope for Parents

    Joseph A. Califano Jr. (2014)

    Mixing facts and personal experiences, Califano has created a guide to help parents raise healthy and happy drug free children.

  • 100 Questions & Answers About Your Child's Substance Abuse

    Romulo Aromin (2010)

    Aromin has written a straightforward Question and Answer book to help parents understand the impact of substance abuse in children.

  • Everything Changes: Help for Families of Newly Recovering Addicts

    Beverly Conyers (2009)

    Weaving her personal experience as a mother of a recovering addict and interviews from others affected by addiction, Conyers shares practical tools and advice for friends and family.

  • Nice Recovery

    Susan Juby (2010)

    Canadian novelist Susan Juby shares her experiences with drug and alcohol dependence as a teen and her journey to sobriety in her early twenties in this candid memoir. In addition, this book also includes interviews with recovering young adults.

  • Substance Abuse: The Ultimate Teen Guide

    Sheri Mabry Bestor (2013)

    This book was written specifically for high school students to educate about physical, social, emotional, and familial effects of the use of alcohol and drugs. The author has integrated facts with the personal stories of those who have abused substances.

  • The Dragon Who Lives at Our House: A Story about Substance Abuse

    Elaine Mitchell Palmore (2011)

    Al the Dragon used to be someone who sometimes visited Dad but one day he takes over all of Dad's time and the house! Soon, Dad has to go to a place called 'treatment'. Elementary children who have parents with their own dragons will relate to this story.

  • The Secret of Willow Ridge : Gabe's Dad Finds Recovery

    Helen H. Moore (2010)

    Follow Gabe's journey in this easy to read chapter book as he and his family cope with his father's addiction.

  • Wishes and Worries

    Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (2011)

    Maggie's dad drinks too much. After his drinking ruins her birthday Maggie just wishes he would stop. Over the course of the year she connects with teachers and counsellors from whom she learns that her dad's struggles aren't her fault.


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