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Most people's gender identity matches their anatomy. However, for some people this is not the case. Below are some resources that can be helpful in understanding those experiences as well as how to support those around you.

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These resources are available to borrow at the Family & Community Resource Centre. You can also check with your local library or with The Alberta Library for the availability of these resources.

You can download, print, and share this list.

  • Gender Born, Gender Made: Raising Healthy Gender Nonconforming Children

    Diane Ehresaft (2011)

    Dr. Erhensaft draws her experience as psychologist for gender nonconforming and transgender children in this guidebook for parents.

  • The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals

    Stephanie A. Brill and Rachel Pepper (2008)

    This comprehensive handbook for parents of gender variant or transgender children was written to help families through the unique challenges they may face.

  • The Gender Creative Child: Pathways for Nurturing and Supporting Children Who Live Outside Gender Boxes

    Diane Ehrensaft (2016)

    In this book the interconnected effects of biology, nurture, and culture to explore why gender can be fluid, rather than binary are explained. Ehrensaft also addresses the rapidly changing cultural, medical, and legal landscape of gender and identity.

  • Helping Your Transgender Teen: A Guide for Parents

    Irwin Krieger (2011)

    Written by a clinical social worker with experience helping transgender teens, this book will help parents understand and help their child.

  • Be Who You Are

    Jennifer Carr (2010)

    This book tells the story of how a boy became Hope, the girl she always knew she was meant to be.

  • Who Are You?

    Brook Pessin-Whedbee (2016)

    This brightly illustrated children's book provides a straightforward introduction to gender for anyone aged 5+. It presents clear and direct language for understanding and talking about how we experience gender: our bodies, our expression and our identity.

  • When Kathy is Keith

    Wallace Wong (2011)

    This children’s books is about a young girl named Kathy who does not see a girl when she looks in the mirror. Instead, she sees a boy and knows she is meant to be Keith, but nobody believes her. Later Kathy and her parents learn that she is not the only child to feel this way. Kathy’s parents support her as she transitions to living life as a boy named Keith.

  • I am Jazz

    Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings (2014)

    This simple picture book for young readers is about a transgender girl named Jazz and her transition.

  • Beyond Magenta

    Susan Kuklin (2014)

    Six teens share their personal stories of transition. Contains language and sexual content.

  • Trans Bodies, Transelves: A Resource for the Transgender Community

    Laura Erickson-Schroth (2014)

    This thorough book addresses various aspects of life for transgender or genderqueer individuals. Contains language and sexual content.


Thank you to our friends from the Metta Clinic at the Alberta Children's Hospital, Calgary Sexual Health, and Calgary Outlink for their contributions.


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