Managing Your Money

Whether you receive funding, get an allowance, or have a job, learning to mange your money wisely, is an important life skill. You may need to pay for food, rent or medicine. You may also want to buy clothes or go out with your friends. To have enough money to meet your needs, learn more about how to manage it.

Here's where to start:

  • Visit your local bank to see what type of account is right for you. Ask if they offer young adults any special services or programs.
  • Momentum has many great programs to help you save and manage your money. To find out more call 403-204-2694.
  • Money Matters is a program that helps those with mental health challenges manage their money. It offers help from a financial administrator, as well as a 7-week workshop. To find out more call 403-204-2664.
  • Money Matters offers a workshop once a year at Calgary Alternative Support Services (CASS). This class is suitable for adults with developmental disabilities, but they recommend bringing your support worker. To find out more call 403-283-0611.
  • If you have property, money or investment income and cannot manage it on your own, the court can appoint a trustee to help you.