Going to School

After you graduate from high school, you may want to continue going to school. You have many options so it's a good idea to start planning and preparing for this transition early.

Some things to think about:

What will I take and where will I go?

To find out more about post-secondary schools and programs offered in Alberta go to Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS).

The ALIS site also offers a Planning Guide for students with disabilities.

Does the school offer special services and resources to support me if I have a disability or health condition?

Many post-secondary schools have a Disability Resource Office where you can find more information about services and resources to meet your needs.

How will I pay for my schooling?

There may be scholarships, bursaries and/or grants available to help you pay for your tuition, textbooks and other expenses.

What if I have a developmental disability?

Many universities and colleges offer specialized programs that support those with developmental disabilities.

  • Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE)
    This program is designed for those with a life-long desire to learn. It gives you the opportunity to go to classes, meet new people and build relationships with people your own age
  • Transitional Vocation Program (TVP)
    This program is shorter and focuses on developing skills to obtain and keep a job.

For more information on where these programs are offered go to Education Resources.

Grants, bursaries and scholarships are great resources to pay for schooling because they don't need to be paid back.