Understanding Your Medical Condition

Part of becoming more responsible for your healthcare is learning about your medical condition, how it affects your body now, and what it could mean in the future. This means knowing things like:

  • The name of your medical condition
  • How and when it was diagnosed
  • What causes it
  • How it is treated
  • What you can do to take care of yourself
  • What signs and symptoms indicate you should see a doctor
  • Long term effects of your medical condition

Understanding your medical condition will help you stay as healthy as possible. It will also allow you to be more involved in decisions about your healthcare.

To learn more:

  • Have a parent, caregiver or healthcare provider explain your medical condition to you using words you'll understand.
  • Ask lots of questions when you attend your clinic appointments. It helps to write your questions down ahead of time.
  • Go to reliable sources for information, like KidsHealth, MyHealth Alberta, your healthcare providers, or contact the Child Health Information Specialist at 403-955-7745 or
  • Visit MyHealth Passport to create a personal, wallet-sized health information card.

Knowing more about your medical condition makes managing your health seem easier.