Talking to Your Healthcare Team

When you visit the clinic, your parent or caregiver likely does most of the talking. Learning how to talk to your healthcare team is an important skill you will need as an adult. Each year as you get older, you can become more involved in discussions about your healthcare.

Tips on Talking:

  • Start by asking and answering questions at your clinic visits. It helps to write your questions down ahead of time.
  • As you feel more comfortable, spend some clinic time talking to your doctor on your own.
  • Finally, begin seeing your doctor by yourself.
  • Talk to your doctor about how you can be involved in decisions about your healthcare.
  • What you tell your doctor is confidential. This means private information isn't shared with anyone without your permission. Sometimes exceptions have to be made; talk to your doctor about what these are.

For more tips on talking to your doctor, check out the information on these websites.

Talking to your doctor can seem scary at first, but with practice and a little preparation, it gets easier!