Keeping Track of Your Health Information

When you move to adult care, your chart or health record will stay at the clinic. Your record has information about your medications, test results, treatments, and more. The doctors you see in adult care do not have easy access to this information. If they have questions, they will look to you for the answers. For this reason, it's important that you keep track of your health information.

Some helpful tools:

  • Record and organize important health information in a Health Journal. Journals are available from the Family & Community Resource Centre (Alberta Children's Hospital, 2nd floor).
  • Visit MyHealth Passport to create a personal, wallet-sized health information card. It gives new doctors or specialists a snapshot of your medical history.
  • Use your cell phone to keep track of important health information.
  • Use this Medical Transition Template to make a list of the clinics you attend at AB Children's Hospital and record what their plans are for your transfer of care.
  • You may find it helps to have a copy of your health record. This can inform new doctors or specialists about the care you need. For a fee, you can obtain a copy of your health record from the Alberta Children's Hospital, Health Records Department. Call 403-955-7395.

It is best if you buy a copy of your health record before you turn 18.