Children's Grief

Losing someone you love can be one of the most challenging experiences for both families and children. Below is a list of resources that can be helpful in understanding those experiences as well as how to support those around you.

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These resources are available to borrow in the Family Library. You can also check with your local library to see if they are available.

You can download, print, and share this PDF or our Destiny Collection List.

  • Living Dying : A Guide for Adults Supporting Grieving Children and Teenagers

    Ceilidh Eaton Russell (2007)

    The guidebook provides suggestions for talking to kids and teens about grief. It is written in a question and answer format and addresses palliation, dying and death.

  • Healing Your Grieving Heart for Kids : 100 Practical Ideas : Simple Advice and Activities for Children After a Death

    Alan D. Wolfelt (2001)

    This book provides simple ideas of how to deal with grief for kids and how their grief can be a unique experience.

  • Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens : 100 Practical Ideas

    Alan Wolfelt (2001)

    This book provides simple ideas of how to deal with grief for teens and how their grief can be a unique experience.

  • The Memory Tree

    Britta Teckentrup (2013)

    After Fox passes away his friends gather and share their memories of him. As they share their stories of Fox a tree grows bigger and bigger. Fox lives on in the memory tree.

  • The Invisible String

    Patrice Karst (2018)

    A mother teachers her two children about an invisible string. No matter where you are you are connected to your loved ones with an invisible string that will never break.

  • The Next Place

    Warren Hanson (1997)

    This book includes beautiful illustrations and portrays the afterlife in a non-religious way.

  • Gentle Willow : A Story for Children About Dying

    Joyce C. Mills (1993)

    This story about a gentle tree and her forest friends is for children who may not survive their illness. It is written for siblings and friends too. It addresses various feelings and includes a note for parents.

  • What Is Death?

    Etan Boritzer (2000)

    Different cultures and religions have different approaches to death. Children will be able to learn about different customs and beliefs about death in this book.

  • Beyond the Ridge

    Paul Goble (1993)

    Based on the customs of the indigenous Plains people this book written for children tells the tale of the death of an old woman. Symbolism is used to show the customs of the woman on her spirit journey to beyond the ridge, while afterward sacred rituals are done to help mourn and accept her death.


We would like to thank our friends at Children's Hospice and Palliative Care Service (CHaPS) and Alberta Children's Hospital for their contributions.

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