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February 2018 Edition
On the other side of the 
patient bed

In August 2016, Cameron was riding around on his bike like any boy before his 7th birthday. Except something went horribly wrong when he fell off his bike and landed on his handlebar in his abdomen. The pain was excruciating.

Cameron and his mom quickly found themselves in the Emergency Department at the Alberta Children's Hospital looking for answers to Cameron's pain.

The Emergency Department is a familiar place for Cameron's mom, Dr. Antonia Stang, an emergency physician at ACH. "It is quite a bit different though when you're on the other side of the bed with your child," recalls Dr. Stang. Cameron went into surgery and stayed at ACH for almost a week recuperating from his fall.

"As a physician I knew we provided great care from a medical standpoint, but what really made a difference to us as a family was all the things that you don't know about until you experience it. As parents, having a place to sleep and shower so we could stay next to him, the video games/console he could play, the movies in the family room, the pet night he and his sister could go to, everything became so important to us while we were there."

Since Cameron's stay in 2016, he has since been back to ACH for other care associated to his bike accident. "Every time I come to the hospital as a Mom, I am constantly amazed at how kind people are at the hospital. From the cleaning staff asking if I needed anything to the doctor who came in the middle of the night to do Cameron's MRCP --everyone goes the extra mile to be kind and helpful to patients and families at ACH," shares Dr. Stang.

Cameron has since healed from his accident, and last summer, was out riding his bike!
Zero Harm for All 
On the path towards zero preventable harm

On Wednesday, February 7, approximately 200 people attended the Safest Together Open House at ACH. Visitors had a chance to learn about the Safest Together Initiative and were introduced to prevention bundles called HACs (Hospital Acquired Conditions) that are being targeted for reduction at ACH. These prevention bundles are small interventions that, when reliably used together, can have a major impact in preventing harm. The hospital will be starting with four HACs:
  • peripheral IV infiltration and extravasations (PIVIE),
  • pressure injuries like bed sores, 
  • central line-association blood stream infections (CLABSI), and
  • surgical site infections. 
Two mannequins, prepared by KidSIM, were on hand at the Safest Together open house to show guests how ACH is going to reduce HAC's through an "all teach, all learn" approach.

Also unveiled during the open house was the new training video for K-cards -- an easy process for monitoring and auditing patient safety practices.

The Alberta Children's Hospital and Stollery Children's Hospital have joined Solutions for Patient Safety, a network of 120+ children's hospitals across North America that are working together to prevent serious harm for all pediatric patients.

Genetics program launches external website

The AHS Provincial Clinical and Metabolic Genetics Program has a new website with information for patients, families, and healthcare providers. Please check it out by clicking the link below!

 Genetics Website 
In the Spotlight ...
Family Advisor, Pam Kai 

Pam jumped in with both feet when she joined our Patient and Family Centred Care Network in the fall of 2016. She has provided her input as an advisor in many ways including as a member of our Family Advisory Council, helping to plan PFCC Week Working Group, and by sharing her story in education sessions.  Pam is also a peer mentor with Family to Family Connections and is our first mentor to do bedside connections in the NICU.

"Having a peer mentor, someone who has experienced the NICU journey first hand, to listen to their concerns, offer strategies, provide emotional support and really understand their concerns, has made such a difference for our families. Peer mentorship has provided families with hope and guidance through difficult times," says Jan Lind, Nurse Clinician, NICU, Alberta Children's Hospital.
Upcoming Events - Mark Your Calendars!
EPIC Conference -- Excellence in Pediatric Innovation Care 
For nurses and allied health professionals 
April 26-27, 2018
Alberta Children's Hospital, 4th floor conference rooms

Quote of the Month 
Learning Opportunities

QHI Webinar: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 from Noon-1 pm
A Fresh Look at Disclosure of Harm

By participating in this webinar, you will become familiar with the recently revised AHS Disclosure of Harm procedure, understand what disclosure is, its purpose, who should disclose and under what circumstances disclosure should occur, and understand how to support a culture of disclosure on your team.

QHI Webinar: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 from Noon-1 pm
Sharing your Data with Confidence: Run Charts

Join us for this practical webinar on how to effectively use Run Charts in healthcare. Run Chares are one of the most used data display tools for improvement projects and anyone can do it! Come here some practical advice on how you can start using a Run Chart Today!

CAPHC Webinar: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 from 1-2 pm
Critical Incident Stress Management: A Contribution to a Healthy Workplace

Join ACH's Emma Folz, Patient Care Manager for PICU, NICU, Neonatal Follow Up Clinic and RSV Program, and Renee Kampman, Quality Improvement Data Coordinator for PICU and ACH CISM Team Coordinator, as they discuss the importance of having a CISM program to support staff with managing the heavy load of complex, ethically challenging and potentially traumatic cases, such as non-accidental trauma, organ donation, unanticipated deaths, resuscitations, and end-of-life care. 

QHI Webinar: Wednesday, March 7, 2018 from Noon-1 pm
Conversations that Matter: Improving Patient and Workforce Experiences at AHS

By participating, you will learn how engagement improves the patient/family experience and results in higher quality care, how AHS leaders use values-based conversations to improve engagement with staff, and patients, and you'll also learn what resources are available.

Your PFCC contributing writers: Juliana Harris, PFCC Liaison; Kim McLelland, PFCC Liaison; Marie McNaughton, Family and Youth Engagement Coordinator.