Online Communication

One of the goals of the Child & YoutH Interactive Media Program is to ensure that patients and families are able coninute their online commnications while they are here in the hospital. If you are lucky enough to be able to bring your own device from home for your stay here then you should be able to connect to our wireless network and continue to recieve your instant messages and emails just like you were at home or work. If not webmail is an easy way to get your emails while you are away from home.


If you left your computer or tablet at home and are lent a laptop during your stay, or are using one of our family access computers you can still access your email while you are here, but you'll need to use webmail to access it. If you already use an internet browser to access your email, then you can continue to do. If you have never used a browser to access your email, then based on your internet provider, you can access it through the following links:

This isn't an exhaustive list, so if you don't see your provider here, contact them directly to see if they have any webmail options.

Instant Messaging

Most instant messaging accounts are protable by nature, all you need is to sign-in and your contact list will travel with you. We do have a few instant messaging programs installed on our computers, but you are free to install a different one if we don't have the one you need. Below are a list of different programs for instant messaging:


While email and instant messaging are great tools for one-to-one communication, it can be tiresome repeating the same information over and over to family and friends. An effective method of communicating and informing the masses is a blog, or personal webpage. Below is a list of services which allow you create a personal online space to write your story and connect with a wide range of people.